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Subject: Duplicate PDF Names Issue
Author: todd
Date: 08/08/2007 01:52
Hi, I need some help regarding saved filenames. I am ripping several pdf's from
a site that auto generates them from a cgi script. The result is that all of
the pdfs are named dlraw.pdf since the cgi script is named dlraw.cgi. 

I am trying to rip each pdf into the same directory and get the names to go
incrementally. dlraw01.pdf, dlraw02.pdf, etc. This site has each page on a
different url so only one page is served at a time. I need the names saved
incrementally so I can preserve the page numbers. Right now, httrack saves
them all with very odd filenames like dlraw08b3.pdf, dlrawr4e5.pdf, etc. any
help would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks for such a great piece of software!


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Duplicate PDF Names Issue

08/08/2007 01:52


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