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Subject: Search Intensive Sites
Author: Jim Rems
Date: 08/24/2008 08:16
Can HTTrack get pages that are a result of a search on sites like the National
Archives?  If so, how can I get the descriptive record, the thumbnail gif, the
full image gif, and the expanded record with links?
Here is an example: Go to ARC, the Nation Archives search engine
(HTTP://, select 'Digital
Copies', select 'limit 1000', search for 'Ansel Adams'. Hits returned equals
220.  I'd like all pages and images, except any duplicate records that would
be obtained as a result of each search record having the same links.

I'm doing a research project to locate a number of historical items utilizing
mostly government web sites (LOC, NPS, Smithsonian, Google Books)for initial

Thanks in advance for your help.

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