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Subject: Re: Search Intensive Sites
Author: William Roeder
Date: 08/26/2008 20:10
> > Does the first page mirrored show the results
> page?> 
> Yes.  I ran a test limit of 100 on the site
> description above.  The page displays correctly, but
> when I click on an image link (or record link) it
> takes me to an ARC Time-Out Page.  The same happens
> for the record link.
Those were not-mirrored pages.  You can prevent those with options -> Build ->
No external pages

> > what files aren't you getting?> The linked image files (gif).  Scan Rule
is set to
> get *gif, *jpg, etc.
Do you mean +*gif +*jpg 

> > What does the log say? Did you set the log to
> > debug?> I don't know if the log is set to debug (I'm
options -> log -> create log files -> Select box

Some of the links look like:
The default is only scan downword from the starting url.
Try options -> experts -> Travel mode= up/down
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