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Subject: "Unable to get server's address"
Author: a133x
Date: 09/05/2008 18:18
Hello, trying to mirror a website httrack reports the following error:

19:08:05rack/ (0Error:  "Unable to get server's address: No such file or
directory" (-5) after 2 retries at link httrack/ (from primary/primary)

I am not using the wrapper option so its not related to that bug. I get this
error using the following options:

httrack httrack <> -W -O "/tmp/website"   -*
+** -v -s0

I hope my understanding of filters is not faulty but what I am trying to do is
mirror just the video directory excluding anything other than that.  I even
tried switching the filters order but the result is the same, it just copies
the index from and than stops. 

I would greatly apriciate any advice that would point me in the right
direction. Thanks

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