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Subject: Too many bugs
Author: Eagle
Date: 09/08/2008 16:58

Unfortunately, I have to say, that HTTrack Website Copier has too many bugs.
It were better to improve and then release a new version. It's not a solution
to recommend the version 3.33, because 3.42 has too many bugs.

Version 3.33: When I set +*.jpg in "Scan Rules" for a special directory, then
it is always being ignored. It also scans and saves htm-files.

In Version 3.42 the often discussed tmp.delayed-problem does not allow
resuming. The delayed-files are written in the folder although HTTrack was
already stopped. 

After finishing HTTrack, many downloaded files from the directory are deleted.

HTTrack should be improved and TESTED (!) before it is released.


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