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Subject: Re: Too many bugs
Author: Eagle
Date: 09/11/2008 12:29
>>I have been recommending 3.32 because of the bugs.  This >>is no a commercial
product. You get what you pay for and >>you've paid NOTHING.

With other words: I get nothing...? :-)

>>Had you even bothered to look at the most resent posts >>instead of this
rant you would have seen that 3.43 is >>now in Beta-3 and that I have been
actively helping to >>diagnose the remaining few problems.

I've read many posts here and I'm not the only one who is very frustrated
about some bugs. If you have downloaded a 10GB-page and you cannot resume,
because only delayed-files are written or you want to resume in the same
folder and the procedure starts again or the files are completely deleted then
it is very frustrating.

>>Don't give us a URL or the complete filter list so we can't help you.

It were better not to try downloading files with HTTtrack  from that URL
again. I've started a complete download 4 times, because every time it was
interrupted. With approx. 10 GB each time, it caused very much traffic. 

>>The world does not revolve around you.  You expect >>months of unpaid work
so you can have a good FREE product.

Try a donation initiative. Many open source projects could have been improved.
HTTrack is a very good and above all very efficient software - when it works.
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