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Subject: Javascript issues - Firefox
Author: John B
Date: 09/16/2008 13:21

AN updated to this post here

Turns out that the root issue is a javascript issue. There is a dop-down list
of links on the site I am mirroring that is rendered in Javascript. 

In firefox only the first of these javascript links works and when the drop
down menu appears any link in the text that crossed by this drop down doesn't

In IE (tested in version 6 and 7) all the Javascript links work and the
"cross" issue doesn't happen.

Safari and Chrome also give the same result as firefox. Anyone got any ideas
how I can render the page properly in firefox and overcome these javascript

For those interested the site is <>

The drop down I'm talking about is the country box (says Japan to start

All help much appreciated

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Javascript issues - Firefox

09/16/2008 13:21
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