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Subject: * * HTTrack 3.43 has been released!
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/28/2008 19:43
The 3.43 release is now ready, horray horray!

Download location:

I'd like to thank all bugreporters and beta-testers who have greatly helped
fixing major issues of previous 3.4X releases and who had the patience to wait
for these fixes, sometimes for several months/years.

Summary of all changes (
+ Fixed: Fixed too aggressive javascript url= parsing (Chris)
+ Fixed: fixed --urllist option "sticking" the list content to the list of URL
(Andreas Maier)
+ Fixed: "Previous cache file not found" not redownloading file when deleted
before an update (William Roeder)
+ Fixed: *.rpm.src files renamed to *.src.src with bogus servers (Hippy Dave)
+ Fixed: "pause" is pausing much faster (William Roeder)
+ Fixed: binary real media files and related files are no longer being parsed
as html (William Roeder)
+ Fixed: "File not parsed, looks like binary" check no longer corrupt the
checked binary file
+ Fixed: multiple download of error pages (several identical '"Not Found"
(404) at link [identical link]') leading to a slowdown in certain cases
(William Roeder)
+ Fixed: sometimes, a double request was issued to update a broken file
+ Fixed: display bug "link is probably looping, type unknown, aborting .."
+ Fixed: missing library references at build time and other build related
issues (Debarshi Ray)
+ Fixed: on windows, switched from wsock32.dll to ws2_32.dll
+ Fixed: minor argument size validation error for "-O" option (Joan CALVET)

Please also note that the 3.43 release is not a definitive release ; as there
are still some pending issues. But the current version is far (far, far) more
stable and reliable than the previous 3.4X release -- do not hesitate to
upgrade if you are still using one of these.

Currently known bugs or suspicious behaviour:
- update after a mirror paused in the middle may lead to redownload (media)
files (need more investigation)
- broken gzipped file continue (minor: gzipped content only for html ? -- need
more investigation too)
- files "direct to disk" renamed from a mirror to an update are probably lost
in space (not renamed locally)
- broken Unicode filename handling (will require some work)
- strange scan rules not being applied (need more investigation)
- strange corrupted html links (possible switch between identical pages with
different session id's?) in some situation (need more investigation)


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* * HTTrack 3.43 has been released!

09/28/2008 19:43
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