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Subject: Re: * * HTTrack 3.43 has been released!
Author: James Butterworth
Date: 09/28/2008 23:17

Thank You!! One of the most annoying bugs *seems* to be fixed. Several users,
including me, have reported that when ripping a site that requires a username
and password, upon entering the correct details in the Add URL box and then
OK, the Web Address (URL): Box displayed the password as both pass and
username, and ripping failed. It just worked correctly, but i only tried it
once. I'll continue, and let you know.

The whole thing feels much faster. If i find any bugs, i'll let you know, or
submit fixed source for your reading. I really think you should use phpBB for
the forum, this forum feels weird!
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* * HTTrack 3.43 has been released!

09/28/2008 19:43
Re: * * HTTrack 3.43 has been released!

09/28/2008 23:17


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