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Subject: Re: WinHTTrack crashing x2
Author: dnt
Date: 06/26/2002 01:57
Xavier, thanks for the note about WinHTTrack crashing, see 
below for the .TXT list of URLs I'm trying to mirror. I've 
moved to the RC2 version and my list of URLs has grown to 
17  and Win HTTrack is still crashing. I've tried running 
those URLs individually but no luck so far and its taking 
time to do. (I've not finished yet but will keep on with 
it) It seems to stop when it can't find a ROBOTS.TXT but 
not the same one every time! It's happy most of the time to 
not find robots. I'm running a Win2000 PC with 128MB of 
RAM, I was wondering about memory problems...? I don't 
quite understand the logs enough to note if anything 'bad' 
is being recorded there. I also can't seem to make scan 
options like -** not be mirrored :-{ Really 
appreciate the work you do on this programme, it's really 
great. Cheers, dnt

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