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Subject: Re: Error Message
Author: William Roeder
Date: 03/01/2012 23:10
> Everything was downloaded and behaving absolutely
> fine until I moved the entire project to another
> partition, so I can't see the problem being anything
> that I did/didn't set in originally saving the
> site.
Did you look at the mirror with the network disconnected?No, you looked at the
mirror, and any links not mirrored pointed to the original. Your browser got
them and it looked fine. Now that the site doesn't exist, your browser can't
get them and it doesn't.

If you had used the no external and the extended pausing then maybe you would
have seen the problem while the site still existed.

> The site has now gone, but I assumed that the saved
> project, saved the information/structure in a self 
> contained way, thereby circumnavigating any
> need to connect to the site/net for any files.
> Is this not correct?You DID NOT get everything - that is your problem. No
it's too late.
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