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Subject: Very large log file
Author: Ryuu
Date: 06/08/2013 03:29
Today after finish mirror something. I get 22.2 GB project. After I check it
what happend (I should not that large), I get 21.3 GB 'log file'. I ever
experience this but I forget it - I dont think about contribution at first too
because some software is hard to report its problem.

I understand that HTT want to provide all information. Just delete it by
hand.. But I suggest that it should have some 'limit' of log file's size (May
implement in term of line for easily implementation). Just discard some normal
report that exceed limit.

Because I think if it's like that. Sometimes it may mal-function or make a
fatal error at some case. I really love HTT so I hope I can mirror most web
with it.

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