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Subject: Re: Very large log file
Author: Ryuu
Date: 06/09/2013 20:44
I think it might because there's many page. And many of them cant download or
improper name. Wiki.. type website often happen this issue. By the way, it's
depend on wiki too. Some web log around x00 Mb, some 1-2 Gb which is still OK.
But sometimes I also found this huge log file size.
***I uses version 3.46, Log files type 'normal' (In fact, I didn't care about
it before lol, so I didn't change it. Be the way, I also want some log.). I
think it's still reasonable why it produce log file. Because wiki usual have
out number of small file. So its size just around 2.00 Gb compare to some
image website 15+ Gb but that project has very smaller(in Mb) log.

I can remember log report although I'm already remove it :P. It's something
about name changed or about path adjusted; that reported most. As you can
image that usual wiki's page has no '.htm' so at least HTT will report every
action of that so it's makes sense output.

Also it's inexperienced of me. Usual I only require text data to read and
image. I dont want nearly 100% offline mirror. So I can cut path of many
script/css with next project. But I'm still think it should cut out some
report out name/path change if there're too many of them
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