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Subject: Two important features missing (IMO)
Author: Giovi
Date: 07/29/2013 20:45

httrack rocks, I'm using it a lot;
but I'm really missing three options:

- As easy checkbox "Download only this domain". Usually I'm just interested in
my site's content and not the other branches (forums, amazon, google, etc.)
that are downloaded.

- A button on the right side of the "skip": "skip and don't download anything
from this domain". So you can easily quit a branch on the fly

- When you use the "continue an interrupted download", a checkbox "Don't
download the already downloaded files". It should be the default option IMO;
for some reason, it download again files that were already download and are
present in the folder.


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Two important features missing (IMO)

07/29/2013 20:45
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