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Subject: Re: Two important features missing (IMO)
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/08/2013 09:57
> - As easy checkbox "Download only this domain".
> Usually I'm just interested in my site's content and
> not the other branches (forums, amazon, google,
> etc.) that are downloaded.

This should be the default, unless external resources scan ruls (gif) have
been left (ie. delete the default +*.gif and friends)

> - A button on the right side of the "skip": "skip
> and don't download anything from this domain". So
> you can easily quit a branch on the fly

Humm, not easy to do (considering the scanner already pre-downloaded some

> - When you use the "continue an interrupted
> download", a checkbox "Don't download the already
> downloaded files". It should be the default option
> IMO; for some reason, it download again files that
> were already download and are present in the
> folder.

This should be the case. But the mirror might have been interrupted too
abruptly (ie. killing the application), or the remote server was unable to
fulfill the "continue" request.

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