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Subject: difference between Winhttrack and httrack?
Author: zdenek tauer
Date: 09/12/2002 03:46
Hello all,
I'm using winhttrack for some time and I have to say 
that it is great program. Now I needed to do some batch 
downloads, so I wrote bat file that did it.
Everything seemed to work fine, but it wasn't fine :-((
In all downloaded files by httrack.exe was missing the 
footer (Mirrored from....). When I downloaded one part 
of my downloads with winhttrack.exe, it was in the 
files. So I tried to use the command from log from 
winhttrack for httrack, but again - no footer in the 
downloaded file. So I tried to specify the footer option 
manually - as described in Httrack users guide by 
F.Cohen - but again and again without success :-(
I'm a bit confused, why it doesn't work, when it is in 
the manual. I tried it on different sites, but without 
Please, if someone know (and tested it, not only 
rewriten manual) correct syntax or some other method to 
get the footer option to work, please send it to me. I 
cannot download my files with winhttrack, because I need 
to sort them to diferent folders and so on - I need to 
use httrack.exe
(Or is there another downloader that can be run from 
command line?)


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