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Subject: Re: difference between Winhttrack and httrack?
Author: zdenek tauer
Date: 09/17/2002 20:57
Mea culpa, mea culpa maxima

I'm really sorry - the problem was with older version than
recent - I had the older version in PATH and I didn't
noticed it, so from command line I run the older one.
I'm happy to say that version

But I have another problem - I'm a bit experimenting with 
(for scripting it seems to me a bit better than 
I tried httrack under it and it seems fine - but again two 
problems with footer:
- if --depth=0 then the footer isn't incuded - if I use the 
  command and change it to --depth=1 then it works fine
  What is difference between this?- and here the second and more important
  I'm unable to use --footer "<!-- Mirrore ... -->" option,
  because bash is complaining about the exclamation mark "!"
  It replaces it with some text - probably some system
  variable or something like this - I'm not good in linux so
  please, help me to solve this problem. I like to use the 
  option - it is great.

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