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Subject: Flash not wokring in mirrored sites
Author: Dale
Date: 10/02/2013 16:47

I have mirrored the index and a page with flash of a website:


When browsing the mirrored site using firefox I get this message wherever
flash audio clips should appear:

"Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this
audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript
enabled in your browser."

Any ideas why this is happening?  Flash is installs and works when this page
is viewed normally in Firefox.

A copy of the log follows.

Thanks for any help.

HTTrack3.47-20+htsswf+htsjava launched on Wed, 02 Oct 2013 16:41:46 at +*.png
+*.gif +*.jpg +*.css +*.js* -mime:application/foobar
(winhttrack -qwr1%e1C2%Ps2u1%s%uN0%I0p3DaK0H0%kf2A25000%f#f -F "Mozilla/24
(compatible; Windows 98)" -%F "<!-- Mirrored from %s%s by HTTrack Website
Copier/3.x [XR&CO'2013], %s -->" -%l "en, en, *" -%L "G:\B\Ma\Music\Education
online\rhythm\Polyrhythm\tutsplus\url list.txt" -O1 "G:\B\Ma\Music\Education
online\rhythm\Polyrhythm\audiotuts12\audiotuts12" +*.png +*.gif +*.jpg +*.css
+*.js* -mime:application/foobar )
Information, Warnings and Errors reported for this mirror:
note: the hts-log.txt file, and hts-cache folder, may contain sensitive
 such as username/password authentication for websites mirrored in this
 do not share these files/folders if you want these information to remain
HTTrack Website Copier/3.47-20 mirror complete in 2 seconds : 3 links scanned,
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