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Subject: HTTrack break website structure
Author: Evgeniy
Date: 11/01/2013 11:24
Hello everybody!

I have following web site to download: <>

It is php forum, but for end user seems like regular html web site (there are
no URL with "*php*" in it, only "pure" links like

I made full donwload starting from root -

But if I use my downloaded copy I stuck at some level of decomposition with
"File not found" error.

For example:
- we have <>
- in my local copy I go to:
  = <file:///D:/websites/forumhouse/index.html> (Index of locally available
  = Click "ยท forumhouse"
  = It opens
  = Click forum page where my page should be
  = It opens
  = Click sub-category of this forum and get stuck with "File not found" for
  = If I look closer to files I have in downloaded directory I found that
there are 356/index.html !!BUT!! it has the following path:

So, as you can see, at some step local files lost part of URL and then goes
wrong that's why I get "File not found"

Any idea on how to fix it with preferences on project start?Thanks in

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HTTrack break website structure

11/01/2013 11:24


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