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Subject: httrack dilema
Author: jack121
Date: 09/23/2002 19:14
Can u help please.

My boss here has allowed us to mirror some of our fave tech 
sites for news and offers (will save him dosh in the long 
run...), but it means we have to run it on a server, then 
ftp the stuff down to our client computers.  Can u - in 
simple terms - tell me :

1.  If I use httrack -O /tmp/, I know that will be saved.....

2.  As soon as it saved, I want to tar it up and ftp it 
down to my machine (we arent allowed port 80 running on the 
server....tsch!) I know how to do that, but....

3.  I need to check for updates to the site but DONT want 
to delete the stuff I already have (no overwrite).  How can 
I check the site for updates, download them on the server, 
then ftp the newest stuff to my box?
Any help would be gratefully received - we are stuckers 



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09/23/2002 19:14
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