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Subject: Re: httrack dilema
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/23/2002 19:51
> 3.  I need to check for updates to the site but DONT want 
> to delete the stuff I already have (no overwrite).  How 
> I check the site for updates, download them on the 
> then ftp the newest stuff to my box?
To update:
httrack --update --purge-old=no <yoursite> -O /tmp/foobar

Then, the best IMHO thing would be to rsync the files using
rsync -avz /tmp/foobar user@

Of course tou'll have to have access to a shell (ssh, 
telnet..) for that.

If not, use ftp and mirror-update (lftp does this very 
well - see help mirror: mirror -n -r ..)
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