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Subject: Mirror and Forbidden error
Author: Mirror 2 me
Date: 01/27/2015 07:33
If I go directly to the XML link:

I am able to download the file. However, I want to download all the .XML files
under the directory structure <>

I am getting this error if I try to do this with robots.txt turned off or on:

HTTrack3.48-19+htsswf+htsjava launched on Tue, 27 Jan 2015 11:27:29 at
-N%20"%h%p/%n%q.%t" <> +*.css +*.js* -mime:application/foobar
(winhttrack -qi%e0C2%Ps0u1%s%u%I0p3DaK0c1H0%kf2A25000%f#f -N "%h%p/%n%q.%t" -F
"Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)" -%F  -%l "en, *"
<> -O1 "C:\My Web Sites\Judge Rinder
MSIE6\iTV Judge Rinder" +*.css +*.js*
-mime:application/foobar )
Information, Warnings and Errors reported for this mirror:
note: the hts-log.txt file, and hts-cache folder, may contain sensitive
 such as username/password authentication for websites mirrored in this
 do not share these files/folders if you want these information to remain
11:27:31 Error:  "Forbidden" (403) at link
(from primary/primary)
11:27:31 Warning:  No data seems to have been transferred during this session!
: restoring previous one!

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Mirror and Forbidden error

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