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Subject: Which comand do I have do write into the TERMINAL
Author: Guntha
Date: 06/06/2016 12:46
Which comand do I have to write into the "Terminal"-window to install
httrack-3.48.22 and to achive to get a normal access to the programm with a
surface of WebHHTrack for ma MAC.

I have already installt X-Code and unpacked the httrack-3.48.22.orig.tar.gz.

Than I moved the httrack-3.48.22 folder into the folder "Programme" on my
Macintosh HD.

I tried to install with the help of the instruction provided by a desciption
of an author: Bo Hovgaard Thomasen, date: 02/08/2007 Sunject: Installing  
HTTrack on a Mac (Mac OS X), but didi not succeed.

I think I did not use the right command in TERMINAL.

Would you please be so kind to provide me with further information to achive
my goal and complied the installations. Many thanks in anticipation. 

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Which comand do I have do write into the TERMINAL

06/06/2016 12:46


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