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Subject: Re: How to use -%S in WinHTTrack?
Author: Juergen Bethke
Date: 12/18/2002 16:07
> Err, this is not yet built-in in the GUI. But you can use 
> it either amon other URLs, such as:
> -%S foolist.txt
> or in the scan rules list

thanks for the response and this option (somtimes I have 
too many filters to keep the overview).

After a few experiments with the -%S clause in the URL box, 
I encountered the following:

1) If I specify "-%S rules.txt", I get an error message in 
the MainWindow right after pressing the finish button
(cannot cut/paste it).

2) Trying the same with "-%Srules.txt" (without the blank) 
runs through, but does not seem to use the filters.

3) Next try: "-%SD:\Websites\Project Name\rules.txt" again 
the error as in 1)

4) The same with quotes around the filename "-%
S"D:\Websites\Project Name\rules.txt"". Filters are not 
What irritates me in this case is an extract from the 

... -%S\"D:\\Websites\\Project Name\\rules.txt\"" -
O "D:\WebSites\Project Name" ... 
(what I mean are the double backslashes in the -%S option 
and the single backslashes in the -O option)

Anyway... just let me know, if I have made some fundamental 

What would be nice though is the possibility to add 
comments in the rules file (because - as I said - too many 

Best regards, thank you and Happy Hollidays

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