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Subject: Re: How to use -%S in WinHTTrack?
Author: Juergen Bethke
Date: 12/28/2002 00:09
> No, no. The syntax is -%S foo.txt
> Did you try to copy it among with other URLs, like in:
> -%S foo.txt

Hi Xavier,

I think, I have done it analogues to  your sample:

In the textbox, where the base URLs are given, added "-%S 
rules.txt" in the same line.
After pressing "Finish" (it is actually "Fertigstellen" 
because of the german  Windows :-)). 
Immediately the page "Site mirroring finished" appears with 
an error message:

A problem occured during the mirroring operation
<<long and cryptic Command Line - "-%S rules.txt" appears 
in front of -O parameter>>
See the log if necessary.

Click FINISH to quit WinHTTrack Website Copier.

Thanks for using WinHTTrack!

There is no further logfile. Only thing different is, that 
the existing doit.log file is empty. I think WinHTTrack is 
trying to build a new one.
I am not sure about the location and the internal structure 
of the rules.txt file.



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