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Subject: Power Outage Interruption
Author: Scott Gray
Date: 01/14/2005 21:50
I just had a mirror of a very large website interrupted by a
brief power blip. This was already the 4th or so session of
capturing this website (like I said, it's large) and I don't
want to have to start all over. Once before when in this
situation I selected "continue interrupted" and it *erased*
everything except as far as it had gotten in the session
that got hit with the power blip. I *don't* want that to
happen here.

How can I make it forget this power-blipped session
entirely, and start over from the last successful (user
interrupted) session? Will just deleting the various "new"
files in the cache do it (leaving the "old" files) or do I
need to rename the "old" files?

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