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Subject: Re: Power Outage Interruption
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/22/2005 09:42
> I just had a mirror of a very large website interrupted 
by a
> brief power blip. This was already the 4th or so session 
> capturing this website (like I said, it's large) and I 
> want to have to start all over. Once before when in this
> situation I selected "continue interrupted" and it 
> everything except as far as it had gotten in the session
> that got hit with the power blip.

Humm, it means that the previous cache was *badly* damaged 
(the filesystem check probably deleted these files). 
HTTrack makes its best to recover damaged files, but in 
case of violent power outage, the NTFS consistency might be 
compromised, forcing the system to wipe some files during 
the boot sequence.

(HTTrack regularly flushed its cache to prevent problems, 
in case of crash for example. But the operating system 
itself does not flushes the files immediately, which can be 
very bad.. and the recovery is not always reliable)
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