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Subject: proxy configeration - in a network situation
Author: he-man
Date: 01/18/2005 18:05
I have a question about proxy configeration in HTTrack. My 
situation is that I am a University student and I am 
connecting to the internet via the University network: 

So, I need to configure HTTrack with the network settings. 
I realise that I can do this easily in IE and Firefox 
using the tab: 

Auto-detect proxy settings for this network 

But of course HTTrack does not have the Auto-detect 

Here are some Q & A in regard to this issue in HTTrack 
that I cut and paste off the forum: 


Q) In order to connect the www i need to fulfill the field 
automatic proxy configuration url of my browser. It 
exist in HTTrack. Thanks. 

A) HTTrack does not support it - as it requires some 
javascript interpreter. 

But automatic proxy configuration is only an automatic way 
to give the proxy address and port -- ask them to your 
administrator, and it will work with httrack. 

Q) I'm behind a firewall and my browser (IE6) uses an 
> automatic configuration script. If I insert this link in 
> the proxy configuration option it doesn't work. What 
> I do? 

A) HTTrack does not "understand" automatic proxies 
(because of 
the javascript..) ; ask your administrator what is the 
proxy address and port ; and then fill the Options/Proxy 
settings in httrack. 

Q) Hello, 
would it be possible to integrate support for automatic 
proxy configuration scripts in HTTrack like Internet 
Explorer has. Sample: <http://proxyconf> 

A) Well this is something not possible, as the aucomatic 
requires some javascript engine to run.. and httrack does 
not have any (except some heuristics in the parser) 

Automatic proxy is not recognized, use the standard 
proxy settings (address and port) 



The port is 8080 

I can get proxy address information from this user sniffer 

It returns my proxy IP address and my actual computer IP 
address. But I cannot get either of these to work for 
HTTRACK: when I put either of them in the proxy field for 

I have spoken to my network administrator and he says that 
the network has a dynamic IP system. The IP address of the 
proxy changes with each new connection. Could this be why 
I cannot get HTTrack to work? Is there anyway that I can 
work around this? 

I am really stuck. Would be very grateful for some help.

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