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Subject: Problem with pagew that redirect to https
Author: Metin
Date: 01/21/2005 16:04
I am trying to make a offline copy using HTTrack, but on
that site, there are 2 pages that redirect http requests of
these pages to a https request with the very same url. 

This leads to HTTrack creating a 'Page has moved' offline
page that constantly keeps redirecting to itself.

I haven't found a work-around for this problem anywhere in
the docs, so I assumed it may be bug not yet reported? Can
you help me with this?
The URLs in question are 

Thanks for your great work!


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Problem with pagew that redirect to https

01/21/2005 16:04
Old bug

01/21/2005 16:16
Not fixed in 3.33RC5 !

01/21/2005 16:29
Re: Not fixed in 3.33RC5 !

01/22/2005 10:06
Re: Not fixed in 3.33RC5 !

01/26/2005 22:59
Re: actually fixed in 3.33RC5 !

01/29/2005 17:39
Confirmed: actually fixed in 3.33RC5 !

01/19/2007 15:10


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