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Subject: Bug Report: Long lines truncated
Author: Mottel
Date: 01/30/2005 03:13
WinHTTracker 3.32-2 has a bug which causes data losses in 
mirrored web pages. It appears that WinHTTracker truncates 
long lines in the process of editing the links. This is a 
particular problem on some websites whose webpages are 
generated with html-authoring tools that don't like using 
line breaks or use them very sparingly.

I have a zipfile with a "before and after" sample for 
comparison and testing, but I can't see a way to attach it 
here. If anyone wants it for testing purposes, you can get 
it <a 

Also: (I see that this has mentioned before in the forum, 
but I mention it again here because the two problems may 
be linked)

WinHTTracker uses Unix conventions for line termination 
when editing the html-source. It terminates lines with a 
single Line-Feed (ASCII 10) character. On a Windows 
platform, it should follow the DOS convention of 
terminating lines with a Carriage-Return Line-Feed pair 
(ASCII 13, ASCII 10), but it does not. This causes havoc 
when trying to edit a page manually with some text-editors.

If you don't want to introduce platform-dependent 
differences between versions of this product, perhaps you 
could add an option relating to this in the preferences 
that would allow users to specify which convention will be 
followed. (It might be appropriate in the "Experts Only" 
tab.) The associated help item should recommend that 
Windows users select the CR-LF convention, and Mac and 
Unix users should choose the LF only convention.


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