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Subject: upgrading not that swift !
Author: sudhanshu
Date: 02/10/2005 18:24
i upgraded the version of winhttrack and i found that it is 
like downloading the whole programme once again.the file 
size is more than 3 mb quite a lot for a dial up connection
and if i am upgrading for some minor changes from 3.32 to 
3.33 version the update file should be of small size say few
100 bytes but i found that i had the experience of a full 
download,not a good experience i must say.
                                         i would like the 
guys behind this programme to do something about it .also i 
checked out a similar programme by the name : OFFLINE 
DOWNLOADER  old name <offline navigator>,and guys though 
you will have to pay for it after a trial period of thirty 
days it  is much more visually attractive and friendly to 
work with so i would like to say to httrack developers 
to do some copy work and make httrack look like offline
downloader so that we will have not to pay them and still 
have the similar great work experience as with offline 

 long live free software foundation. 
 hell to capitalists.

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