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Subject: Re: upgrading not that swift !
Author: bk
Date: 02/10/2005 19:43
You're being unfair, and a touch unrealistic.
You expect the "update file should be of small size 
say few 100 bytes"! After at least 30 major fixes
and additions? Do you realize how small 100 bytes is?Think about this. Your
present message, when saved
as a simple ASCII text file, comes up to more than
1000 bytes?
I find it quite confusing that you praise free
software, yet you also praise a commercial product
which you name in capital letters. You encourage 
HTTrack's developer to make more additions, yet 
you also express frustration at having to do the
extra downloading. Last, it is impolite to come
as a guest at a professional developer's website,
criticise his efforts, sell someone else's product
and then encourage him to go out and steal ideas.

Where's your gratitude? Wise up, man.
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