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Subject: Possible Glitch rewriting local index.html refs.
Author: Robert Hamilton
Date: 02/11/2005 17:56

My problem, which I've diligently tried to solve without 
success, is that the MAIN web page saved for offline 
browsing, "index.html", is not linked locally from within 
its own daughter pages. In other words, although the main 
page (which is also the parent or content page) links 
locally to all the referenced pages, the links within those 
pages that reference back to the main page are still linked 
back to the online web site. As far as I can tell, all the 
other internal links have been rewritten correctly to local 
links so they can be viewed offline, all except the 
main "index.html." Since that page is the contents page of 
a hyper-linked book, the offline viewing without correct 
reference back to the main page makes using it very 

Here's the directory structure of my hard drive for the 
offline page in question.
   \My Web Pages
                 \J O Smith

Any help in clarifying what I might have done wrong would 
be greatly appreciated.

I've pasted in below my "hs-log.txt" for help in diagnosing 
the problem.


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Robert Hamilton

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Possible Glitch rewriting local index.html refs.

02/11/2005 17:56
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