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Subject: Problems using Capture URL
Author: John
Date: 03/09/2005 18:46
I guess I am just missing something and I would like to 
see if anyone could help me.  I just need a few more 
directions with using the Capture URL function because 
every time I try, I don’t seem to get the intended results.
- Erase your browser cookies  
- Go to the login screen and fill it, WITHOUT hitting 
the "submit" button
- Launch WinHTTrack, select 'Add URL'/'Capture URL' and 
follow the instructions (change the browser proxy settings 
Am I supposed to stay on this page with the ‘Set options…’ 
button as I am clicking on the ‘submit’ button on my 
webpage?  Or do I click next when I am done changing the 
proxy settings? 
- Click on the browser's page 'submit' button
- Restore your proxy settings
Am I supposed to run anything within HTTrack before I 
reset the proxy settings?  If not, how do I know that 
httrack actually saved anything as far as the 
authentication goes? 
- Run the mirror
Do I run the mirror putting the login page in as the web 

I  am just a little confused on the details I guess, and I 
have tried different ways but I am just not getting it.   
I would really appreciate any help.  Thanks.


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