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Subject: Re: Problems using Capture URL
Author: somus
Date: 04/15/2005 08:02

>> Am I supposed to stay on this page with the ‘Set 
>> options…’ 
>> button as I am clicking on the ‘submit’ button on my 
>> webpage?  Or do I click next when I am done changing 
>> the proxy settings?
>No, let the dialog page as it, and click submit in your 

Is he talking about the "set options" in WinHTTRack? 
because there is no such screen in IE.. and what is the 
This is terrible.. I'm doing this over and over trying to 
get it right and am never seeing a confirmation screen 
from Winhttrack...  what screen should httrack be on to 
capture the url? I hit submit in IE then do what in 
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