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Subject: Disable Throttle
Date: 04/21/2005 13:44

I read all the available documentation and tried lots of
switches, but it seems i'm not able to disable throttling. I
don't want to do a DOS-Attack, but simply create a static
mirror of a big dynamic site on my local host. (Only local
to local connections). 

The commandline I found now is:
httrack <http://chordlist:84/> -c3 -%c0 -%v2 -A0 -#L30000000
-s0 -%k -%F ''

But it doesn't matter what I choose, I always end up with
around 20-30kb Transfer Rate and lots of the time the message:

> Current job: waiting (throttle)

in the output.

How do I disable throttling?
best regards and thanks for the great program,

Brian Schröder

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