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Subject: Re: Disable Throttle
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/23/2005 10:57
> The commandline I found now is:
> httrack <http://chordlist:84/> -c3 -%c0 -%v2 -A0 -#L30000000
> -s0 -%k -%F ''

Err, looks good. With the same commandline, I have a remote 
Transfer rate:  701,37KiB/s (449,00KiB/s)

> But it doesn't matter what I choose, I always end up with
> around 20-30kb Transfer Rate and lots of the time the 
> How do I disable throttling?
Throttling is disabled. What it is called 'throttling' here 
is in fact 'waiting for available slots' - in the code, 
there is a function, back_pluggable_sockets_strict(), which 
waits for free socket slots.

"Throttling" means that the 3 connections are busy and at 
masimum speed, and httrack is waiting for one of them to be 
free again, to send another request.

You might have (performance ?) problems with the server 
(generated pages ?)

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