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Subject: Re: * * HTTrack 3.40-ALPHA-4 released (experimenta
Author: bk
Date: 06/08/2005 13:31
> there is a "hidden" feature in WinHTTrack that 
> command-line arguments can be inserted in the scan 
> rules box.

Thanks. My ignorance here, I admit. I had been 
looking for just such a feature, but couldn't find it.
Neither in the options nor in the literature. Perhaps 
a paradoxical question, but where can you obtain usage
information on the "hidden" features? And are there
> I think the recent additions of limits is a good thing.

So do I. So long as there is still "hidden" room for

In view of your revelation of the "hidden" facilities,
I am withdrawing most of the sentiment behind my query.
I have now learnt that you and Monsieur Roche are
doing the right thing, in fact, in a manner that is
more effective than I had envisaged.

> Also don't understand your "kiloByte-Connections 
> per sec". You could say 250 kBC/s = 1kB/s and 250
> connections which would effectively nuke a server.
> Speed is nice of course but more connections 
> can/will slow a server down when it has to allocate
> resources or do processing.

I disagree with you here. I believe the whole point
of experimentation is, to borrow your words, to
"effectively nuke a server".

This is from my previous message: "What's the point
of an off-line browser beta if it cannot dare to
experiment with speeds of, say, 10 000 kiloByte-Connections
per second? The two key words are beta and experiment."

Those of us who "serve" for a living take a
great interest in the latest developments in tools like
HTTrack. It helps us to fine-tune performance and to 
put the necessary robustness and security measures 
in place. In this business, more than in any other,
forewarned is forearmed. The technology is out there 
and the mischievous minds are out there. One cannot 
afford to ignore that. Look what happened to Imacat.
I can tell you that our servers can now easily cope 
with 1 kB/s and 1000 connections. In our experience,
the worst culprits are not users of HTTrack or like
tools, but pundits who machine-gun you
at 100 000 kB-Connections per second. HTTrack helps
us develop the bullet-proof vest.  

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