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Subject: Problem with relative links
Author: Matthew Valencius
Date: 12/06/2001 18:19
I am having a problem getting relative links to work 
with WinHTTrack (version 3.09e).

I am copying a frameset that specifies the content of 
one of the frames as:


This page is copied just fine by WinHTTrack.  However, 
on the page there is a link with a URL in the form:


This works fine in my Web browser (this relative link 
is interpretted to be the equivalent 
of "/a/b/db.nsf/view2/id2%3Aid2?OpenDocument").  
However, WinHTTrack interprets this relative link as 
equivalent to "/path/db.nsf/view1/view2/id2%3Aid2?OpenDocument", which cases
an error in the copied site.

WinHTTRack will only copy the page if the link is in 
the form "../../view2/id2%3Aid2?OpenDocument", which 
of course does not work for users browsing the "live" 
Web site.

None of the pages specify an explicit classpath value.

Any insight to why I am having this difficulty?  Any 
help would be appreciated since I have spent hours 
trying to resolve this issue.  Thanks!

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12/06/2001 18:19
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12/06/2001 19:13
I have mailed you the info

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