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Subject: Re: problem with php
Author: Leto
Date: 07/05/2005 03:49
> I have a problem with my search engine because when i download an PHP fil
like "item.php?id=13" it will renamed to "item6e03.html" how can i make it
like item.php_id=13.htm. thats the way how other programs download the files
but this is the first program who download ALL the files. (some progs do not
download java search engines)

You would have to look into user-defined structure options.  Info from the
help file I've pasted below.  I can not find example usage of this and haven't
experimented with it myself.  Don't really understand how to use the variable
extraction either. :p

You may want something like:

-N "%h%p/%N_id=%[id].%t"

Details: User-defined option N
  '%n' Name of file without file type (ex: image)
  '%N' Name of file, including file type (ex: image.gif)
  '%t' File type (ex: gif)
  '%p' Path [without ending /] (ex: /someimages)
  '%h' Host name (ex:
  '%M' URL MD5 (128 bits, 32 ascii bytes)
  '%Q' query string MD5 (128 bits, 32 ascii bytes)
  '%r' protocol name (ex: http)
  '%q' small query string MD5 (16 bits, 4 ascii bytes)
     '%s?' Short name version (ex: %sN)
  '%[param]' param variable in query string
  '%[param:before:after:notfound:empty]' advanced variable extraction

Details: User-defined option N and advanced variable extraction
   param : parameter name
   before : string to prepend if the parameter was found
   after : string to append if the parameter was found
   notfound : string replacement if the parameter could not be found
   empty : string replacement if the parameter was empty
   all fields, except the first one (the parameter name), can be empty
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