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Subject: Re: problem with php
Author: Leto
Date: 07/05/2005 03:59
> > I have a problem with my search engine because when i download an PHP fil
like "item.php?id=13" it will renamed to "item6e03.html" how can i make it
like item.php_id=13.htm. thats the way how other programs download the files
but this is the first program who download ALL the files. (some progs do not
download java search engines)

Ah here's some cool info:

So theoretically this will do what you want, adding "_id=13" etc if the ID
querystring variable exists.  But you'll also get images or whatever like
"images/home.gif.gif" so you may  want to use %n instead of %N

-N "%h%p/%N%[id:_id=:::].%t"
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