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Subject: Re: Extra files ( indexXXXX.html )
Author: Raffi C.
Date: 07/10/2005 21:28
I am trying to mirror my C++ courses' src directory from my teachers http/unix
webspace.  There are atleast 150 subdirs,  representing differerent programs
from our textbook.  

Using httrack, it makes 9 (!) unnecessary indexXXXX files for every (times 150
or more) directory.  After the mirroring is complete, I scan the directories
for these files to delete them manually.  over 2 megabytes and 1,200 files of
utter garbage.  I choose "Do Not create index.html" files in the Set Options,
but HTTrack still makes and SAVES these garbage files.  

I'm very frustrated by this bug, atleast it is a bug IMO, but otherwise, i'm
tremendously happy with the program.  It works fast, logs well, and does the
job.  Cleaning the garbage html files is an easy search function, followed by
a mass delete... very quick... but IMO, it's still a bug.  

for example, many directories have just one file (a short little C++ header
file) in them, but after HTTRACK is done with it, the directory has 10
(!!!!!!!!!!) files, with each indexXXXX identical in content (just one file
directory), WASTING tons of space with useless files, atleast to the enduser.
The directory would have been 1-2 k, but with the indexXXXXX files, they'll
hog 15-20k, for EACH directory.  

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