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Subject: Re: Extra files ( indexXXXX.html )
Author: Leto
Date: 07/11/2005 03:55
> Using httrack, it makes 9 (!) unnecessary indexXXXX files for every (times
150 or more) directory.  After the mirroring is complete, I scan the
directories for these files to delete them manually.  over 2 megabytes and
1,200 files of utter garbage.  I choose "Do Not create index.html" files in
the Set Options, but HTTrack still makes and SAVES these garbage files.  

Even though you're frustrated I think you'll find it's not a program error -
HTTrack is simply following links to pages it discovers.

Since you don't give a sample URL it's impossible to confirm but typically a
web-based directory listing has "sort columns" which are technically extra
pages.  For each column there is ascending and descending sort order, so you
can get many extra pages.

To prevent those pages downloading it would be a simple addition to your
project's scan rules.
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