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Subject: problems downloading with list
Author: Stefan
Date: 07/25/2005 21:41
I've got a txt-file with 170000 links like that

This websites creates dynamic html-files out of their database. So I want to
have these html-files on my harddrive.

I switched "Action" to "Get individual files", set "check document type" to
"never" and associated MIME-Type ".exe" with "text/html".
When starting action it begins scanning the txt-file and simultanely
downloading the links. But it stops when reaching 1336 files and then
continues only with scanning the txt-file. After a while (ca. after 60000
links scanned) my computer gets really slow, probably caused by the parsing of
the list. So I would never reach the 170000.
Is there any options to get the program working one link after the other? Or
any other idea to work around the slowdown?Thanks a lot!

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problems downloading with list

07/25/2005 21:41
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