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Subject: Images from Frontpage
Author: Mike
Date: 09/26/2005 17:10
I don't know if this is a Frontpage specific problem; all I know is that the
pages in question were created using it.

The images are not being copied correctly.  For some reason the original site
has two copies of each image - typically image001.jpg and image002.jpg.  One
appears to be large size and the other scaled as required for the page.  The
html code refers to both images (in commands I am not familiar with) but
HTTrack only copies one of the image files (image002.jpg in this example). 
The resulting page then displays nothing. 

A sample of the html is: 

<v:imagedata src="it_Office_Network_files/image001.jpg" o:title="Picture4"/>
</v:shape><![endif]--><![if !vml]><span style='mso-ignore:vglayout;position:
width=432 height=335 src="it_Office_Network_files/image002.jpg"

Any ideas how I can make this work?

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09/26/2005 17:10
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