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Subject: Resume partially downloaded file
Author: pol
Date: 09/28/2005 19:19
I found some strange behaviour when used options only httrack or httrack with
--continue or i.

When I lanuch httrack to resume my partially donwloaded file, it won't resume
anything, but create sub dir and start to download the same file here again. I
didn't found a purpose, but you perhaps mess a file placement in 3.33

However, when I start whtrack, let it to create new project and run it for a
while and then interrupted this proccess. Replaced  new file with old one, the
whttrack resume this file (won't displaying it correctly anyway) and moreover
file seems to be fine. (I did md5sum check and it passed, so I hope it will be

I also can suppose, that same principle will work for pure httrack.

My system Linux - FC3, downloaded file slackware 10.2 iso3, version of httrack
was 3.33-2-nossl.

..Great tool, ByTheWay;-)


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Resume partially downloaded file

09/28/2005 19:19


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