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Subject: 304 checking
Author: Saiko "fluffy" Kaiten
Date: 11/14/2005 04:12
i'm wondering if httrack checks the return before it downloads. i'm just
wondering because i've been informed that httrack was downloading things
twice, as if disregaurding 304 returns. i'm trying not to use too much
bandwidth, and downloading files twice can use tons for large files. i may
have over looked an option, not sure.

also, the options interface could use more clarification, as some options seem
redundant at first and are sometimes ambiguous. for example, the "get non-html
files related to a link" option on the "links" tab of the mirror options
dialog window seems to allow httrack to mirror beyond the scan rules.

and i may as well ask for an option to change the defaults settings, which
would be useful for creatingidentical mirrors of diferent url lists.

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304 checking

11/14/2005 04:12
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