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Subject: Re: 304 checking
Author: Saiko \\\"fluffy\\\" Kaiten
Date: 11/28/2005 16:31
i just did a test mirror of a site i put up for this purpose, and noticed that
httrack was redownloading files already in the mirror. with no replies, i'm
just making sure this had a chance to be read.

i'm now using the following version, and greatly apreciate the new preferences

WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.40-beta-2 (+swf)

i notice a new version, and will text it before i submit this message, but the
beta 2 version still disregaurds 304 returns.

- - -

upon testing, the beta 3 version has the same problem, and after reviewing the
history.txt file, i found the following lines:

0.99 beta-2
+ Fixed: "304" bug fixed

if this is the "304 bug" i'm talking about, then it isn't fixed. any help
would be apreciated.
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