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Subject: Re: Test page for 3.40-BETA-3
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/17/2005 17:39
> It seems that if a link to an image returns 404 then
> it is rewritten as "<filename>.html" (pointing to a
> non-existant page unless option "No error pages" is
> off then those <filename>.html files are created).

Yes ; this is due to the "on-the-fly" link rewriting - httrack is now able to
use remote HTTP headers to name links.

> to replicate 100%...) and although not wrong, per
> se, might be reconsidered to take into account the
> "No error pages" option so that images (and other
> filetypes) retain their original extension when no
> local error pages are generated.

Err, normally the "no error pages" should force httrack to rewrite the links
as absolute links (the images will still be broken, until the link is fixed

I'll check that anyway.
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