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Subject: Re: HTTP_REFERER : managed!
Author: Ludl
Date: 03/16/2001 13:12
>The http-referer is managed by HTTrack!

Oops, I did not know that. Fine !-)

But this does not solve my problem, yet. 
Maybe I should have described my problem in more 

I would like to mirror only a small branch deep 
down in one big site. Up to now I could not 
'convince' HTTrack to do automatic authentication. 
If I should succeed in authentication I still 
would have to fiddle around with filters to narrow
down the result to the wanted branch. 

As a lazy guy I thought: lets skip the authentication
and start already at the branch deep within the 
site. But then I would need a possibility to tell 
HTTrack the correct HTTP_REFERER for this deep 
down entry point. But there is no option to tell 
HTTrack which HTTP_REFERER to use for its first URL. 

Maybe one could fool HTTrack by editing the correct 
HTTP_REFERER into some cache files ? Or implementing 
a new option to tell HTTrack the HTTP_REFERER for its 
first URL ... if I am allowed to be so cheeky :-) 

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